Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answers that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

Do I Need a Piano or a Keyboard?

Yes; you will need a piano, digital piano or a keyboard. Acoustic pianos come full sized with 88 keys. Keyboards or digital pianos come in various sizes i.e.; an 88 key, 76 key or 61 key. We suggest that if you purchase a digital piano or keyboard, that you purchase one that has a full 88 keys. You will be able to use a 76 key or 61 key keyboard for a short time but if you stick with our program for a while, you will quickly out-grow a 76 or 61 key keyboard. So if you are serious about leaning how to play the piano or keyboard, we highly suggest you pick up a full sized 88 key instrument.

How Much Does a NTS Membership Cost?

Membership is totally FREE! You will have full access to all content and one new lesson video is uploaded every week. All we ask is that if you love it, to please share our app and give us a 5 star rating & review in return.

What is Included in my Membership?

Membership includes full access to the entire catalog of lesson videos. All for FREE! All we ask is that you please share our app and if you love it, to please 5 star rate & review it.

Will I Have Access to an Instructor?

Yes; you can simply contact us should you have any lesson related questions. And you will receive an answer to your questions within 24 hours.

What Age Group Does NTS Support?

NTS lessons are formulated for ages 4 years and up.

What Level of Experience do I Need to Begin?

NTS specializes in turning the absolute beginner student into a pro player. The NTS format is designed to start the student as an absolute beginner so that they could grow while being on the fast track towards success. NTS students will need to be in the mindset that they are going to be taught as the absolute beginner before progressing to higher levels.

Is the App Simple to Navigate?

Yes; this app is very simple to navigate. An adult will find this app to be very simple to use. A child may need some assistance while learning how to navigate this app however, most adults and children will find this app to be very simple to navigate.

Video Quality Issues:

If you are experiencing issues with video quality, you will need to choose a different quality setting. Simply go to the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the video, claim the “quality” link and change the settings to a better quality picture. We suggest you choose 1080p.

Am I Able to Learn Any Song I Want?

NTS lessons are formulated to get you playing any song you would like on your own. The NTS learning format teaches you how to become an independent player where you will be able to pick up any song within your level of experience and simply play it. So even though NTS may not have a huge array of songs available for you to learn, please note that the NTS learning format is designed to allow you to be able to play any song you’d like to play on your own.