We would love to welcome you to our family. Please read the short story below and get to know how “NoteToSelf” came to life. We welcome you to the NTS family!

Our Story

I began to learn music at the early age of 5 years old and since, music has always been a huge part of my life. I have written music for TV and film, and my music is also available on several media outlets. I have owned and operated a successful music school where I taught music theory, songwriting and piano. So I’ve had some success with my music endeavors however, I felt as though there was a better way to deliver music lessons to students in a more convenient and more affordable format. I thought… Could it be possible to provide an even better service while at the same time, charge a fraction of the price that most all other music lesson platforms charge? You see, back when the economic recession hit in 2008, I had a valuable student tell me that she could no longer pay for piano lessons due to her current financial situation. And that is when I realized that when students run into financial hardship, piano lessons would be the first expense to go. Especially during financial hardship or during a crisis like the 2008 economic recession. However, I did not make any changes to my teaching format and simply continued with the same format I as I had already been doing. Changing my teaching format was merely just a thought.

Then COVID hit in 2019. And that changed everything. I knew that I would need to make a change on how lessons would be taught. It wasn’t the illness itself, nor the mask wearing, vaccines or social distancing that got my attention. Instead it was the realization that so many people are now struggling in terms of finances, discouragement and their overall well being. And I thought… How could people possibly afford piano lessons or even make the time for lessons in these current trying times? Then I began to think back during the 2008 recession, when I lost my student due to affordability. So I knew that I would really need to change everything about how I would teach music.

I knew that the world would still like to learn music but that it needed to be affordable. I realized that students still wanted that personable type experience when receiving lessons. I also knew that students would like their lessons to be convenient. And while the cost of everything else is rising, while at the same time services are compromised; I knew that the world would appreciate finding a service that would exceed all expectations and receive these services for a lower cost than everybody else. I wanted to do the opposite of what everything else is doing. I wanted to eliminate the rising cost of services while at the same time, exceed expectations related to services and support. So I created a program that would meet all of the fore mentioned criteria.

So as you begin your musical learning journey through the “NTS” program, remember that I built this program so that you could receive personable and convenient lessons, with services that supersede your expectations. This is how NTS was born. No matter the circumstances that surround, you will still have the ability to continue your musical learning experience.

I would love to welcome you to the NTS community. I am honored that you would entrust me with your musical learning endeavors and I look forward to being with you on the other side.

~ George Tamayo